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7th September 2012

Fearne’s been a Very busy bee recently, whizzing around creating a gorgeous new collection for Very.co.uk, travelling the world with James Blunt and – did we mention? - preparing for motherhood!!

With so much to talk about, Fearne recently caught up with Company magazine's "Fash Grads" to explain why she’ll always have time for fashion, and just how she’ll be styling out that baby bump!

Sitting down with the team, Fearne explained that she plans her outfits a day in advance: “I never think of it as a chore," she said. "I absolutely love it, so I usually plan three looks before I go to bed and then decide how I feel when I get up.”

With her fourth Very.co.uk catwalk show for London Fashion Week coming up, what advice would Fearne give to budding fashionistas?

“You just have to know what you like and not care what everybody else thinks,” she explained. “Do you think Vivienne Westwood gives a s*** about what other people think of her line?!”

And how about a his ‘n’ hers collection with Jesse in the future?!

“I think we’d like to work together one day,” Fearne said. “I’ve talked about doing a men’s line at some point so maybe he could model that!”

Now that’s something we’d love to see! These days, Fearne's mornings also involve a big ole' bout of morning sickness, and we've all been dying to hear how she's coping - and what she's craving!

“I haven’t had any weird cravings as I’m still at the sicky stage,” she confided. “I am eating a lot of cheese and bagels but nothing too odd like coal!”

“I am loving being pregnant,” she added. “It’s nice watching your body work its magic.”

And finally, how does Fearne plan to style out her bump?

“I’m not keen on the idea of elasticated waistbands,” she admitted. “I’m sticking mainly with clothes I like but in bigger sizes!”

“Maybe I’ll have to go a bit more boho but nothing too off the beaten track.”

Whatever outfit Fearne rocks pregnant, we're sure she'll look bloomin' lovely in it!

Read the full interview in the October issue of Company, out now.

Visit the Company website for an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.


  • Go Fearne!!! I can't wait to see the new collection - and damn straight - design clothes that you love - because that's what we love too!!!

    Congrats on the baby!! Wishing you both sooo much joy and happiness!!!

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