Fearne And... is back!

23rd August 2012

Fearne followed singer-songwriter James Blunt from Ibiza to Verbier, Bordeaux and beyond as she got to know the man behind the headlines in last night's show on ITV2.

In the past two seasons of her ITV2 documentary, passionate autobiography fan Fearne has had unprecedented access to the professional and personal lives of Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Perez Hilton, Alesha Dixon and Craig David among a host of high profile personalities often hitting our headlines.

And now Fearne And… is back on ITV2, as she reignites her quest to find out more about the real lives behind the public personas and tabloid images of an all-new batch of intriguing guest stars.

Fearne had rare and exclusive access to James Blunt’s work, home and social life as she delved beneath the surface of the performing artist we see on TV and got to know the man behind the music.

"I had such fun travelling around with James," Fearne said. "From skiing (which I was awful at) to madness with washing machines and many MANY shots. I bet you change your mind about Mr Blunt after seeing the show!"

Watch Fearne and... James Blunt on the ITV Player now.


  • nice to have you back Fearne, looking forward to the show x x

  • Hi, Fearne & James, you are two great people that I would love to meet, I have been a fan of James since the first time I heard him sing, I have got all of his album's and can't wait for the next one. all the best James, & all the best Fearne to your new T.V. Show,
    Alan in Plymouth.

  • well done for such programmes,it will be really interesting for the real fans to get to know James Blunt more closely!

  • Thank you. I would gladly see that, but I'm afraid I'm from Spain, so... where can I watch it?^^U Thanks! And lots of kisses to Mr. Blunt!^^

  • Love the return of Fearne and... What a thouroughly lovely man James Blunt is! Totally changed my view!
    Looking forward to seeing who else Fearne meets!

  • Loved the interviews and the raport you built up with James. Ibiza was so funny! Loved seeing you both skiing, I want to go there now! X

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