Cake, croissants and Chrimbles

16th November 2012

Festive times!
The Christmas room spray is out, the online shopping has begun and I'm dreaming of (not drinking) mulled wine. I'm so ready for Christmas but can not believe how quickly this year has flown by.

This month has been a fun and crazy one...

Croissant times
It started with a quick trip to Paris to visit my boyfriend's dad, who was out there rehearsing for the big Rolling Stones gig which is coming up. Here's a shot I took of the view from the Sacré Coeur.

Also the Arc de Triomphe at sunset...

Cake times
I haven't done too much baking as it has been so busy preparing for the baby and working, but I did manage to squeeze in an afternoon decorating course with my friend Sarah! Here's my violet effort.

Juicey times
This week we filmed the last Celebrity Juice of the year and the last one for me until next autumn. It was soooo fun and atmospheric in the studio, but tinged with sadness as I'll miss that gang of nutters.

I'll even miss Mr Lemon and his ginger locks! I spent most of the day dressed like this...

I was of course dressed as ivy as Holly, so I naturally had to take on the role of the ivy! Itchy is an understatement! Not sure this suit is the most flattering on a chubby pregnant face??

Bumpy times
I'm enjoying getting out and stretching my legs when I have time off work at the moment. Walking and yoga are really feeling extra lovely now I'm pregnant. Here's a shot of a beautiful swan just before a near attack...

I did a runner and avoided the wrath of the winged wonder, but advice: Swans don't like you taking their photo!

I have been rehearsing for Children in Need at the BBC this week too. Sir Terry is on wonderful form and we are gearing up for a huge night!

Peace and Love


  • In the 4th pix ,in corner is that white thin a mouse catcher or wot???

  • Haha! Your blogs make me smile :') and FYI, you have not got a chubby face xx

  • Those cakes look almost as gorgeous as your chubby pregnant face :-)

  • love yur style, best wishes for the future with yur soon baby , xx

  • Oh how happy you sound with life...So excited for you. Waiting for the arrival of your first baby is a precious time. My first turned 14yrs of age this week and I still look at her in pure wonderment every single day!!! Enjoy every second...Paula x

  • Wow sounds like you have been really busy, now is the time to slow down and prepare for the beautiful bundle of joy. Good luck. X

  • Sounds like your nesting n getting ready for motherhood... Hope everything goes well xx

  • Really enjoyed reading that :) xx

  • Loving the cup cakes yum yum. Pregnancy yoga classes are so much fun, I help out at one for my midwifery work experience x

  • Well done on the blog, looking fab as always.

  • Fearne, you look great as always!! I love your show on Radio 1! I will miss it when you go on maternity leave. I wish you all the best for Motherhood. I'm sure you'll both be brilliant! Tk care Xxx

  • Its exciting times ahead for you Fearne, treasure every second. I waited 25 years for my daughter (she's 15 now) babies are such little miracles.
    Gonna miss you on our TV's/radios especially CB ... won't be the same without you.
    Relax and enjoy xx

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