Some lovely news...

8th August 2012

Jesse and I are very happy to announce we are having a baby.

We are over the moon, morning sickness aside (me, not Jess) and looking forward to the little Cotton Woods arrival.


  • Congratulations!

    • Congratulations to you both! Here's to a healthy, happy pregnancy!!!

    • congratulations Fearneeee:D good luck with the mini cotton:D:*

    • Congaratulations to both of you good luck with little cotton

    • Ginger - not the Keith Lemon type but root or biscuit is good 4 your sickness. Congratulations x

    • aw congrats to the wee cotton bud x

    • Congrats!! :D xxx

  • Congrats x

  • If the little arrives with a ginger tash and snake skin skinny jeans questions will be asked! Seriously though, congratulations to both of you x

  • To say I'm extatic is an understatement fab news :)

  • Congratulations! This is wonderful news!
    If you get a minute read this
    It will prepare you for what's to come!

  • WOW! thats amaaaazing! you deserve all the happiness in the world! so happy for you !! :) CONGRATS

  • WOW!! Congratss fearne!?!! :D

  • Moyles announces he's leaving, Fearne announces she's having a baby.......

  • That's wonderful. Congratulations! Best wishes to both of you! :)

  • Awwwww congrats to u both. Sure u will b a fab mum xxx

  • Congrats! We are so happy for you! xxx

  • Ah lovely news :) I am at 38 weeks now myself - enjoy the ride!!! xxx

  • Awwwwww :) congratulation wonderful news

  • Congratulations guys!You're going to be a fabulous mum!xxx

  • Congratulations! That's such fantastic news. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x

  • BRILLIANT NEWS!!!! Congrats to you both. Xx

  • And so a baby will be born, the baby with the best music taste in the whole world.

    Congratulations Fearne, I'm happy for you :)

    Oh and (in case you need it) here's some good luck ;)

  • Congratulations Fearne i'm so happy for you you must be over the moon you're gonna be an amzing mum

  • I'm so happy for you, really hope it all goes well & you have a healthy pregnancy. Congratulations!

  • The most wonderful experience you'll ever have. Enjoy every special moment as a new family. Congratulations x

  • Bless its little Cotton socks !

  • Beautiful news!! I just had a little one myself 3 months ago it's the best feeling ever x soo happy for you... You will make a lovely mummy x x x

  • Sorry misread your news, thought you said you were looking forward to little Cotton Wool's arrival! Many congratulations, you'll make a fantastic Mum! :) xx

  • congratulations wonderful news , lots of love xxx

  • Congratulations Fearne, wonderful news! x

  • Well good luck I. Hoping to meet you soon xxx

  • Grand news for you both :)

  • Congratulations Fearne :-) x

  • Congratulations fearne & jesse
    Fearne u will be a brilliant mum

  • Congratulations Fearne

  • Congratulations to you and your boyfriend :) I listen to your show everyday , will miss you when you go on maternity leave ! x

  • Congratulations to you both, that is fab news xx

  • Congrats, I hope it won't be pain&I hope you have a lovely time organasing it!xxxx

  • Aw that's really lovely!! Congratulations!! I'm sat in my bed feeling really unwell, and your news has made me feel better xx

  • Omg! congrats! So happy for you both xoxo !

  • As soon as I read that 'Jesse and I have some news' i somehow knew that it'll be baby news. So happy for you! You'll be the trendy mama. x

  • You will make a very good mother. You are decent, classy, respectable, clean, well-mannered,..........i could go on :) Congrats!

  • Congratulations to you both xxx

  • CongrAts to u both u are bothe gawjus so u'll have a stunning baby xxxxxxx

  • Great news! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations to theboth of you, great news..xx

  • Congratulations!! Morning sickness is horrendous, I'm expecting too and desperate for the sickness to ease up.

    • try sea bands. they're travel sickness wrist bands and the really worked for me :)

  • Congratulations!!! :)

  • Such lovely news. Congratulations so exciting! X

  • so happy for you both XX

  • Congratulations to the both of you :) I wish you all the best for the future xx

  • Congratulations Fearne xx

  • Wooohooooo that is fantastic!!! Congratulations XXX

  • Thats wonderful news, congratulations to you bothxx

  • such amazing news! Congrats to you both xx

  • Congratulations - best wishes to the both of you x

  • congratulations to you both

  • congratulations !!!! xx

  • Fearne
    I am your Mum's age group, listen to you everyday and am SOOOO excited for you! Eat well, don't drink, and love being pregnant and enjoy every minute of being a Mummy! Your a great role model for youngsters to work hard and make a great life for yourself! Wendy x

  • Congrats im pregant but im one of the lucky ones as i never had morning sickness with my daughter or with this one im sure you will be a fab mum x x

  • Congrats! Hope you will have a healthy baby. so happy

  • Congratulations Fearne and Jesse! Keep getting those early nights Fearne you're gonna need them! Xxx :) xxx

  • Congratulations to you both all the best xxxxxx

  • Congrats ! You'll be an amazing mum for sure xxx

  • Congratulations to you both. It's just the best news. Xxxx

  • Congratulations Fearne&Jesse, so happy for both of you, really good news!!!xxx

  • Awh congrats guys ! That is amazing news x :0))

  • Congratulations to you both

  • Huge congrats cotton socks! I hope the morning sickness calms down soon.. I've just gone into my second trimester and it's all soo much better :)

  • Congratulations Fearne & Jesse! Could not be happier for you both, gorgeous couple that are going to have the most gorgeous baby (with the most coolest parents in the world) Take Care FCot. MASSIVE LOVES ❤

  • Congratulations to you both :-) x

  • Congratulations fearne on the lovely news

  • Congratulations.... I recently gave birth to my first, a little girl called Willow.... Its amazing!!!!

  • Congratulations! Always thought you would make a fab mum :-)

  • Thats so exciting! Congratulations to you both, lets hope its not a little girl as in 16 years time, Keith Lemon will be after her!! x

  • Fantastic news! You'll be a super Yummy Mummy!

  • Congratulations to you both!!!
    "Happy Nappy Days To Come" x

  • Awwwwww congratulations Fern, im sure you will be a great mum. He/she will have great fasion thats for sure :-)

  • Congratulations Fearne! Lovely news!

  • Congratulations to you both looking forward to see a photo of little cotton! :D

  • I am so happy for you! When I heard I was literally dancing around screaming! You are my all time fave! And role model! I wish you all the best! x

  • Fab news, I've 8 weeks to go, lovin every second xxxx

  • aw congratulations to you both! xxx

  • congratulation dear.. hope u r fine... takecare

  • Is Keith Lemon the daddy?

  • Congratulations Fearne! x

  • Congrats fearne :D you will be an amazing mum :D xx

  • Aww!! Thats lovely for you! a baby cotton bud on the way! :) so happy for you fearne! :D

  • Congratulations Fearne! How exciting! If you have any questions we would be happy to help.
    Please check out our new Pregnancy website and our "Ask the Doctor" facility
    Very best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy

  • Congrats to you and your bloke, you'll be a lovely hip mummy. All the best =o)

  • Such wonderful news xx please take a look if you get a chance xx

  • Congrats Congrats!! Im super happy for you both. Fearne you will be the most amazing mamma.. x

  • I'm so happy for you Fearne! Congratulations! Best news I've heard it ages! He/she will be the cutest! :D xx

  • Awww yay! Congrats to you both, you are gonna be an awesome mum! x

  • Congratulations, I'm sure you'll be a lovely mummy.
    Try these i had really bad morning sickness, I couldn't eat and within 5 minutes of putting these on I was eating and back to normal-ish. They're for travel sickness. Please try them I wish they were more well known they're fantastic.

  • Congratulations, great news enjoy every minute of your pregnancy it flies by I found out at 5 weeks and I am now 23 it the best feeling ever feeling your first kicks, tell your bump everything they don't miss a trick x

  • I've always had a crush on & even more so now, with the 'Glow'...
    I'm really happy for both of you
    big love & all that mushy stuff,
    Rae xx

  • Aaahhh - a little cotton bud! Funny, when I saw you on the live-lounge last week I had a feeling you might be expecting. Ginger is a good natural remedy for sickness. Big love xx

  • congratulations fearne and jesse am sooooooooooooo happy for you truly wonderful news :) xx

  • awww congratulations to you both love fayee! :)

  • OMG!!!

  • Aww cute congratulations hope everything goes okay :)

  • Congratulations to you both its the best feeling in the world nothing compares to it

  • Congratulations on your news, hope you enjoy your wee cotton bud. Just think what goess with a pregnancy lol.

  • Congratulations such a weird feeling to feelso so excited for someone I don't know haha! All the best fearne and Jesse x

  • Congratulations hun, enjoy every minute. Such a fantastic journey xx

  • Congratulations to you both. Wishing you lots of love and happiness and a healthy pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations, you will make a great Mum.

  • Massive congratulations to you both! How cool is your baby going to be.. can't wait to see the gorgeous baby. Hope you're well, and Jesse too xx

  • Hey Fearne, you know i'm one of you regular listeners.....Congratulations!!! Our Fearne is having a baby..!! Good luck'll make a lovely mum..:-)

  • Congratulations both , I'm so pleased for you . You will be a awesome mum :) xxxx

  • Congrats Fern! Can't wait to see a little bump on TV! I am 38 weeks pregnant myself so 2 weeks to go before I see my angel. Enjoy every minute xx

  • Congratulations! We'll be carrying around the same time, looming forward to your maternity collections and fitness regime updates x

  • hi fearne Congratulations for the baby

  • Congratulations! Gingerbread will sort out the morning sickness.
    You might want to think about Woods Cotton though as I can't stop thinking of Cotton Buds the other way round...

  • enjoy your pregnancy, its one of the most beautiful things in this world to happen to you....xx

  • Congratulations Fearne, love you

  • Good Luck Have a Fantabbydosy Pregnacy and keep us posted on Twitter xoxo

  • I think you'll be a great mom. Congrats.POTATO!

  • This is brilliant news! Oh, morning sickness-wise, keep a packet of ginger biscuits next to your bed and have one or two before you get up in the morning. It seemed to help me feel less queasy anyway! Good luck! X

  • Congratulations, another new world is about to open up for you....

  • congrats Fearne, welcome to motherhood! you will be amazing! all the best xxx

  • Congratulations :) I heard on Jameela's show last night.

  • hi fearne so happy for you im an ambulnce man have delivered 51 the 1st now 21 and went to her christening great fan of you love a signed picture when you have time congrats boby berkshire xx

  • Congratulations to you both. Fearne you will be a wonderful mother x

  • congrats xxx cant wait to see lickle cotton !! xx

  • congratulations fearne,
    I am a designer at a garment manufacturer and we are just about to launch our own brand "rock-a-bye rosie" which is a maternity brand, it's for young women that are fashion conscious just like you :) would be great if we could send you some samples or some images.

    good luck and best wishes charlie x

  • Congrats Miss Cotton!! :) You'll be a top Mum xx

  • Congrats Fearne,
    Im 32 weeks and still got morning sickness - why they call it that i dont know! Hope you dont have it this bad.
    You sound great on the Radio, enjoy the pregnancy cant wait to hear when the little one comes along :-)
    Best wishes

  • Congratulations from one mummy to be to another...I'm 31 weeks now, it goes so quickly. I hope you are napping whenever you can - it's my new hobby now! You will be a yummy mummy that's for sure xx

  • Congratulations to you both.

  • Congratulations Fearne!!!!! X x x

  • congrats to you fearne but good luck with the next few months jesse you gonna have to put up with pain, tiredness and constent hunger dont know who for tho you or fearne the baby will be as gorgeous as you two. x x x

  • Hi Fern, I'd love to send you a gift for baby and mummy when the new baba is here xx

  • Hi!

    We wish you well with your monumental journey of motherhood and hope for the very best, also may there not be any unhelping hands to assist baby rex (Sorry one last question....Izit 'n Boy OR Gal?)

    And I thank you!

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