Busted: Bog puss!

14th May 2012

Sonys day! I have never been nominated for a Sony Radio Award so am excited and feel like I’ve been accepted in to the radio fold at last after seven years of working at Radio 1. I’m chuffed to be nominated for my show! Should be a fun night!!

This week we saw a bit of blue sky - hooray! But it lasted all of two days – booo.

I’m in love with my new Del Rey bag. Can’t stop staring at it…

Had so much fun at Tom from Mcfly’s wedding this weekend! Cried, danced, then got into bed with a celebratory hot choc.

Last night I laughed until I couldn’t breath when I walked in to the bathroom and saw this creature...

... doing THIS!!


Peace and Love


  • Actuallu hilarious!! Made me smile on this late Monday morning ! Paahahahahahaha xxxx

  • Cat are great, they do the oddest things. Is that a bowling pin loo brush? that's ace.

  • Ha,ive caught my cat doing this quite alot.she also sleeps in the sink.

  • My cat does that! If I don't keep the lid down he won't ever drink from anywhere else!!! lol

  • You're cat's such a badass... Do you have a dog? Please tell me you do.


  • That pic of your cat cracked me up! Bog Moggy haha! X

  • Must be a seasonal thing, I caught my cat trying the same thing this morning!

  • That is soo funny Fearn!! Cats di the funniest things!! But have to say can you give hin fresh water in a bowl please xx

  • Haha!! I find that pic of ur cat in the toilet so funny!!!!!

  • lol I'm surprise he didn't fall in. :D

  • Awww i caught my cat doing that haha xxxx

  • I know she put that bloody fish in here I just know it : )

  • ha ha ha, that is so adorable.

  • Mine does that!! It's so funny when you just see this furry butt and tail in the air! Just can't tell him off! It's like a water fountain for cats!

  • My cat does the same and he is 15 years old so it won't harm it lol it's just a bit gross x

  • haha absolute pmsl at this btw.

  • Boring day just got made a million times better hahaha

  • My cat does that too, dirty little cats lol xxxxxxx

  • Haha I have 3 cats and they all do it, the one sits in front of the washing machine whilst it's washing and the other two sit on the bath when I'm in it

  • Aw ur cats almost as cute as u xD how much do you love the impersonation vip does of u????? SKILLS

  • PMSL!!!! Love it. Hope the cat didn't lick your face afterwards, hehe. xx

  • Love the pic of ur cat so cute x

  • " I know I left that goldfish in here!"

  • Haha BRILLIANT!! My cat Gordon does the same, have seen him actually fall in before and nearly died laughing....

  • Maybe he was looking for a fish?

  • Dont ya just love pets:-) so entertaining:-) x

  • my cat does that too!! you cat looks very cute and congrats for getting nominated, i love your show! xx

  • A cat that thinks like a dog ! watch out dogs cats are taking over the world :-P

  • My cat moo moo does this too we call him the lavvy licker x

  • That cat needs a medal, And some man points.

  • I have a pitty pat who looks very similar & has exactly the same fetish. It seem's toilet is the new water fountain but only for precious cats! x

  • HA HAAA!! u gotta love cats. Funny creatures indeed! Xx

  • Fearne Cotton... I love you nearly as much as my boyfriend loves you...!

  • Aww that's soooo cute my cats do that and so did my old dog xx lots of love x

  • Thats one classy kitty!! Also is your toilet brush a bowling pin?? Wow! xx

  • your cat is extremely thirsty and couldn't find the water bowl bloody cute though kisses xo

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